Russia’s Lancet kamikaze drone destroys mock-up of Ukraine’s Su-25 aircraft

Yesterday, Russian Telegram channels closely associated with the Russian military posted footage depicting the destruction of what was claimed to be another aircraft at a military air base in southern Ukraine.

“The ‘Lancet’ destroying another Su-25 of the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the Dolgintseve aerodrome in the Dnipropetrovsk region,” proclaimed the Russian propagandists.

However, a detailed analysis of the published footage reveals a meticulously crafted mock-up of the Su-25 aircraft, strategically used as bait for Russian drones. This becomes evident upon closer inspection of the wing construction, which notably differs from the typical model. The mock-up’s engine is installed entirely beneath the wing and features an unconventional connection to the wing, not characteristic of the Su-25.

Moreover, the absence of wing mechanization is conspicuous, further confirming that the Russian ‘Lancet’ targeted only a decoy, falling into the trap set by the Ukrainians yet again.

Ukrainian forces actively employ mock-ups of various weapon systems to compel Russian adversaries to expose themselves and deploy costly weaponry to eliminate comparatively inexpensive decoys, preserving actual weapon samples.

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