71 years old narcissists Putin fell down after taking heavy doses of steroids and opioid based painkillers

Rumors about Vladimir Putin’s health have persisted, and now, some experts are raising suspicions about the possibility the Russian leader may be battling Parkinson’s disease or cancer, Global Defense Corp has learned. 

Speculation regarding Putin’s apparently deteriorating health started circulating when observant critics started noticing trembling in his hands and knees as well as his bloated features and involuntary movements, as Frontpage Detectives reported. 

As Putin advances in age — he turns 71 in October — he could begin to suffer increasing medical issues. His current health status, however, has been kept a closely guarded secret with his inner circle in what appears to be an effort to maintain his burnished image as a powerful leader, the Daily Star reported. 

In November 2022, documents claim, the tyrant battled Parkinson’s and prostate cancer and he may also have been receiving treatment for pancreatic cancer, according to the Daily Star’s reporting. 

One Russian security services insider claimed to the outlet that Putin was in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease but that “it’s already progressing.” The insider alleged, “Putin is regularly stuffed with all kinds of heavy steroids and opioid based pain killing injections to stop the spread of pancreatic cancer he was recently diagnosed with.” 

In December 2022, Putin reportedly fell down a flight of stairs at his Kremlin residence and then involuntarily defecated. 

Medical personnel found he had bruised his coccyx in the fall and then allegedly discovered he had “cancer of the gastrointestinal tract,” the Telegram channel General SVR reported at the time. 

In November 2022, Putin was also seen limping while laying flowers during a national holiday. He had difficulty climbing out of his vehicle and appeared stiff as he presented a bouquet at a monument. 

The dictator also reportedly suffers from involuntary movements, including twitches and tremors. Recently released footage showed Putin tapping his foot and holding onto a table for support, the Daily Star reported. 

Witnesses reportedly said Putin appeared “feeble and barely able to hold himself upright.” 

Putin’s hands have been splotched with purple marks, indicating further possible symptoms something is wrong. 

In April 2022, Putin greeted Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko at the Kremlin and he could be seen trembling with his knees buckling as he went to shake his ally’s hand, the Daily Star reported. 

Health experts have also noticed Putin has appeared puffy at several public appearances. The bloat change may have been caused by a steroid treatment for cancer, the Daily Star reported. 

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