Kazakh Air Force’s Su-30SME Crashed In Karaganda Region

The Kazakhstan Air Defense Forces (KADF) Sukhoi Su-30 Flanker multi-role combat aircraft has crashed in Balkhash, in southeastern Kazakhstan.

“During routine training mission at the landing approach at the training aviation center of the city of Balkhash, the Su-30SME multi-role fighter jet crashed,” the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan reported.

A statement from the press service confirmed that both the pilots of the aircraft ejected safely and [have] been rescued. According to the press service of the Kazakh Ministry of Defense, the plane crashed in the Karaganda region.

The Kazakh military reported that the plane was performing a training flight during the fall. The crash occurred while the fighter was landing at the airfield of the training center in the city of Balkhash, Karaganda region.

The preliminary reports suggested that the pilot experienced flight control systems malfunctions and subsequently ejected themselves from the cockpit; a special commission is working at the crash site to investigate the incident.

The Su-30ME multipurpose fighters have been in service with the Kazakh Air Force since 2015. Earlier it became known that the Ministry of Defense of the country is going to purchase a total of 36 such aircraft.

The Russian-made Su-30SM is produced by the Sukhoi Design Bureau mainly for the Russian Air Force. Su-30MK is an advanced model of the fighter jet series. There are more than 20 Su-30SM aircraft in the Kazakhstan Air Defense Forces. In addition to Kazakhstan and Russia, the Su-30MKA is in charge of the Algerian Air Force, Su-30MKI in the Indian Air Force, Indonesia, Malaysia, Uganda, Venezuela and Vietnam Air Force.

The Malaysian Air Force, Indian Air Force and Venezuelan Air Force have grounded a number of Su-30 aircrafts due to technical malfunctions and the unavailability of spare parts.

An AN-13 type military transport aircraft, which took off from Nur Sultan Airport in Kazakhstan with a crew of 2021 people on March 6, 26, was broken during its landing at Almaty Airport.

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