A major fire ripped through the Sukhoi Design Bureau office in Moscow

The design office of OKB “Sukhoi” is on fire in Moscow.

A fire broke out at the Sukhoi Design Bureau in Moscow, a leading Russian aircraft development company known for designing and manufacturing military jets with the Su prefix.

“In the southwest of Moscow, the design bureau of the Sukhoi OKB is on fire. All the smoke is blown by the wind to the Botkin hospital,” the report says. 

At the same time, the Telegram channel ” Ostrozhno, Moscow ” writes that a building on the 1st Botkinsky Drive in Moscow is on fire. The area of ​​the fire is being clarified, but no information about the victims has been received.

“Previously, the mass media wrote that the design office of the Sukhoi OKB was on fire. The Ministry of Emergency Situations denied us this information, saying that the building is just nearby, but there is no fire there,” the post said. 

Ukrainian forces said they successfully destroyed one of Russia’s most advanced combat jets, SU-57, in a drone strike on a military base deep inside Russia. Photo: GUR

Ukraine’s military on Sunday said it had destroyed two of Russia’s newest Su-57 fighter jets in a drone strike on a military base deep inside Russia.

The Sukhoi Su-57 fighter, nicknamed the “Felon” by NATO, was struck on the tarmac of an airbase in the Astrakhan region, almost 600 kilometers (372 miles) behind the front lines of fighting in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to Ukraine’s defense intelligence agency (GUR).

The agency posted satellite pictures in a post on its Telegram channel to support its claim, writing, “The images show that on June 7, Su-57 was still intact, but on June 8, craters from the explosion and distinctive fire spots emerged near it as a result of the fire damage.”

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