Russia is losing its newest T-90 main battle tanks in Ukraine

Russia’s war in Ukraine is not going well and Russian Army suffered humiliating setbacks on several sectors of the front at once.

Ukraine’s military shared new photos on social media showing the destroyed and captured modern T-90 main battle tanks. The 53rd Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Ground Forces has struck Russian troops and destroyed several newest T-90 tanks. One of the modern Russian tanks was captured.

So far, Russia has lost nearly two dozen T-90 throughout the course of its invasion, as documented by the Oryx Blog.

The Oryx Blog, a group that tracks the conflict in real-time, has said 19 newest tanks have been taken out, and footage of destroyed and captured vehicles has been shared widely online.

NLAW destroyed T-90 tank

According to TASS, the T-90 is the latest generation of Russian main battle tanks. It has been produced by the Omsk Transport Machine-Building Enterprise, part of the Uralvagonzavod Group). It was first publicly revealed in 2017.

“The T-90 tank features an improved 125mm cannon and a more powerful 1,250 hp gas turbine engine. The main battle tank is furnished with a multi-channel gunner sight, a mechanic-driver’s vision device and an armament stabilizer. The tank is reinforced with slat and modular reactive armor,” TASS outlet reported.

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