India criticized Russian T-90 tanks for poor performance

India has subjected Russian T-90 tanks to harsh criticism.

The Indian military called the Russian T-90 tanks terrible combat vehicles, stating that they are technically faulty, and therefore, their actual use in a combat situation is under a very big question.

According to the Indian Army spokesman, Russian T-90 can fail at the most crucial moment when India needs to deploy heavy weaponry in Ladakh and Galwan Valley,– India should not rely on Russian weapons.

As a well-grounded example, India cites the example of tank biathlon, during which Indian crews lost because of “mechanical problems” of Russian combat vehicles and tanks.

“Referring to a high-ranking officer of the Indian Armed Forces, Siddiqvi writes that the T-90 tank“ has its own problems ”. From an article that points to the “reason” for the failure of the Indian military in the tank biathlon in Russia.

During the tank biathlon held in Russia in August 2017, when tanks from 19 countries competed in simulated battle conditions to determine which crew was better, the Indian army was defeated due to the fact that the main and reserve T-90 tanks had mechanical problems. A statement, as well as an attempt to determine the main reason of the unsatisfactory result at those competitions is not the crew and technical problems in T-90 tank. “, according to Russian edition “Military Review”.

The Indian Army is in a strange situation where the Army ran out of options to field an alternatives, especially given the fact that the Chinese military is fielding modern combat vehicles and artillery in Galwan Valley.

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