Navantia Starts Combat Systems Trial of Spanish S-81 Submarine “Isaac Peral”

The official qualification tests of the first version of the Integrated Combat System Core (ICSC), intended to be installed on board the S-80 submarine were carried out in the LBTS of the S-80 Program.

This version, called VC 9.0 SCA, is the culmination of core development and advanced integration work in the LBTS. It will be installed aboard the S-80 submarine beginning August 31, after which combat system testing will begin.

The ICSC provides the set of weapons and sensors of the Combat System with a high level of integration for the optimal management of operational information and of the command and control center, allowing to acquire, evaluate and present all the necessary information for the offensive, defensive or intelligence actions to be developed at each moment, including the control of the weapons and countermeasures to be used and their launching devices. The Combat System is capable of obtaining and tracking multiple targets in different scenarios and can manage them simultaneously:

  • Active and passive sonars with short, medium and long range, for exploration, attack and navigation tasks.
  • Electronic, optronic and electromagnetic detection systems for combat missions or intelligence operations.
  • Accurate navigation aids
  • Integrated communications system, including satellite link and tactical data link with other naval units via Link-11 and Link-22
  • Weapon systems for intervention at sea: underwater launch anti-ship missiles, heavy multipurpose torpedoes and mines.

The qualification tests have been designed with a double objective: on one hand, to guarantee the functionality and availability of the ICSC in a situation of high operational load by supporting the management of the maximum number of contacts and reference points established by requirements and, on the other hand, to demonstrate the integrated operation of the different capabilities in scenarios that simulate the real operating conditions for which the ICSC has been designed.

In addition, during last July, the boarding works of the submarine’s Attack Periscope were carried out, and the corresponding consoles were installed, tested and prepared in the Command and Control Room of the S-81 ‘Isaac Peral’.

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