President Erdogan said that Turkey would bring down Su-35 warplanes over Syria using Russian-made S-400.

The Turkish side accused Russia of not complying with the Sochi agreement on Idlib and stated that in the event Russia refuses new negotiations, it will face large-scale armed clashes between Syria and Turkey, the number of troops of which only in recent days in the territory of the Arab Republic increased to 10 thousand.

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a statement in which he threatened Russia that from now on Turkey would shoot down any planes over Syria that would strike at civilians, apparently referring to pro-Turkish terrorists reports Russian newspaper Avia.Pro.

“On Wednesday, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that not a single military or aircraft that poses a threat to Turkey would be safe in the northwestern province of Syria. “The planes that bombed civilians in Idlib will no longer fly so freely,” Erdogan said at a meeting of his party’s parliamentary group in Ankara. The President said that the terms of the agreement in Sochi no longer apply, as the Assad regime and others have grossly violated it.” reports Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah.

A few days ago, two Turkish F-16 fighters lock horn with a couple of Russian Su-35 fighters, threatened with the use of weapons against two Su-35 fighters, which were patrolling over the airspace of Syria, both sides quickly leave the restricted area to de-escalate the tension, which, meant Erdogan declaring Turkish intentions to shoot down all planes over Syria, representing the threat to Turkey.

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Mi-17 Downed

Earlier, unconfirmed reports appeared that Turkey had deployed several air defense systems to Syria, and also handed over about a hundred portable anti-aircraft missile systems to terrorists.

Mi-17 Crashed

Turkish troops hit the Syrian helicopter anti-aircraft missile – either from short-range air defense systems or from MANPADS. Turkey shot down Syrian military helicopter Mi-17 helicopters.

Mi-24 Downed

On 12 February, in the sky over the province of Aleppo, Turkish troops shot down an attack helicopter Mi-24, which carried out attacks on the positions of jihadists in the region. According to sources, the aircraft got 57-mm. The projectile, which led to very serious damage, as a result of which the control of the combat vehicle partially refused, however, the helicopter crew was still able to land the rotorcraft on the outskirts of Aleppo.

Turkish media claim that the Mi-24 helicopter was shot down precisely by the Turkish military in intent to prevent attacks on Turkish positions in Idlib. However, there is evidence that in reality, the attack was carried out by terrorists.

Damaged Mi-24 Source @Syrian_MC

It should be clarified that initially there was information that this was a combat helicopter of the Russian Aerospace Forces, however, after the publication of the photo, it became known that in fact, it was a Syrian Air Force helicopter. Judging by the damage, the left side of the rotorcraft was seriously damaged. Because Turkey decided to escalate the conflict in Syria, experts do not exclude that against this background, Syrian aviation will now strike at the positions of the Turkish military in the territory of the Arab Republic, while also taking into account enemy drones that violate the Syrian border, probably will open fire.

Use of S-400 against Su-35

In an attempt to occupy Syria, Erdogan is ready to blackmail Russia with S-400. The Russian S-400 systems will be put on actual use, not against NATO warplane but Russian Su-35 credit to Turkey became a reason for blackmail by Erdogan reports Russian newspaper Avia.Pro.

Russia supplied S-400 to Turkey

Given the fact that the Russian side is firmly refused to transfer S-400 technology to Turkey, Ankara can go to blackmail Russia with S-400 systems, for example, use them against Syrian and Russian warplane if Russia refused to comply with Erdogan’s requirements and did not immediately transfer control over the designated territory in Idlib reports Russian newspaper Avia.Pro.

Turkey needs to ensure the opportunity to occupy part of the territory of Syria, and therefore, President Erdogan will try to put pressure on Russia through the S-400 systems put into service by Turkey against Syria.

Turkish Views of YPG

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned that Turkey will “clear terrorists (YPG)” on its border in northeast Syria if Kurdish fighters do not withdraw by the end of a deadline agreed with Russia.

“If the terrorists are not cleared at the end of the 150 hours, we will take control and clean it ourselves,” Erdogan said during a speech in Istanbul on October 26, referring to the YPG militia.

Turkey says the YPG is a “terrorist” offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which has waged a guerrilla campaign inside Turkey since the 1980s.

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