Russia’s Su-35 Propaganda Video Explains Why VKS’s Sporadic Actions in Ukraine

Screengrab from the Su-35’s propaganda video with Kh-31 antiship missile, two short-range R-73 missiles on wingtip and two R-77 air-to-air missile. Showing an anti-ship missile in a ground attack mission proves that Su-35 lacks a targeting pod and cannot use KAB-500L and KAB-500S-E series guided weapons.

On 8 February, the Russian Ministry of Defense showed footage of a Su-35 fighter jet is taking from a safe military base in Russia with one Kh-31 anti-ship missile, two short-range R-73 missiles on the wingtip and two R-77 air-to-air missiles. The report of the defense department says that Russian fighters are performing the tasks of intercepting air targets over Ukraine, as well as carrying out strikes with precision weapons on military infrastructure.

Among other things, Russia claimed that Russian Su-35s are involved in operations to counter enemy aerial reconnaissance, as well as to prevent the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from inflicting strikes on Russian troops, including with the use of UAVs.

The use of the Su-35 is carried out at different altitudes, including low and medium.

Su-35’s propaganda video was published on 8 February.

The Su-35 fighter jet’s video proves that Russia does not have the capability to use precision-guided weapons such as KAB-500L and KAB-500S-E series guided weapons with high accuracy.

On the footage provided by the Russian Defense Ministry, the Su-35 fighter returns to its base airfield after firing a Kh-31 missile within a few minutes into flights. At the same time, all air-to-air missiles are suspended on the pylons.

This may indicate that Russia has problems with the availability of aircraft, lack of precision-guided weapons which would also indicate its sporadic actions over the airspace in Ukraine, 12 days after the start of Ukraine Invasion.

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