Ukrainian kamikaze sea drones destroyed two Russian Serna class landing ships

Two Russian assault boats with crew on board have been destroyed by Ukrainian kamikaze drones in annexed Crimea.

The Russians are also alleged to have had Tor-M2 air defence systems on board the boats, for mobile cover of their group on the island and in the Black Sea.

Ukrainian media outlet TSN news wrote on messaging platform Telegram on Friday morning: “As a result of a night operation on the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea, small landing ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation were damaged by soldiers.

“We are talking about boats of project 11770 (of the “Serna” class).”

It alleged the small amphibious boats, actively used by Russia during the occupation of Zmiiny Island to transfer military equipment and landing craft, were carrying a crew and loaded armoured vehicles.

The ships were reportedly also carrying loaded armoured vehicles, including personnel carrier BTR-82.

Dramatic black and white footage showed the moment alleged Ukrainian kamikaze drones hit the Russian navy craft near Crimea.

A ship can be seen in the aim sight of a gun camera before a huge explosion goes off and destroys it.

Ukraine’s “invisible” underwater kamikaze drones, capable of carrying 1,000lbs of explosives, are Putin’s newest nightmare.

The $355k newly-designed Marichka 20ft torpedo-like weapons were only recently taken for a test swim, as Ukraine continues to develop unmanned marine assault weapons to threaten the Russian navy.

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