Poorly Trained Russian Pilots Crashed Six MiG-31K Interceptor Aircraft Since February 2022

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have shot down several MiG-31K fighter during the large-scale war against Russia. However, the Russian aerospace forces crashed at least half a dozen of them in 16 months.

The first loss of the MiG-31 was recorded at the end of February 2022. The aircraft left the runway on its own and sustained damage. The incident took place on Russian territory in the Novgorod region.

The situation was repeated in mid-autumn 2022, but already in temporarily occupied Crimea. Moreover, there is a possibility that it was a version of the MiG-31K that can launch hypersonic/aeroballistic missiles. Before that, another fighter jet went down in the Leningrad region in April.

A fourth aircraft was lost in December 2022 in Primorsky Krai, and four months later the fighter crashed in Murmansk Oblast due to engine malfunction. In early June, a video emerged of the crash of the MiG-31.

Thus, the fighter jet that crashed the day before was the sixth loss. Yes, some planes will be able to be recovered by the Russians, but it will take time. It was also reported last year that the MiG-31K was taken out of service in Belarus. But this information has not been confirmed.

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