No Reaction From S-300: The Israeli Air Force F-16 Strikes Near Syrian S-300 Position

Israeli fighters launched missiles right under the nose of the S-300. The Syrian Army only used anti-aircraft guns while recently activated S-300 battery watches Israeli F-16 learned GDC quoting Russian media Avia.Pro.

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The Israeli military not only carried out another attack on the positions of the Syrian army in the province of Homs, but also found another way to ridicule the Russian S-300 air defense systems, considered one of the most promising air defense systems. As it turned out, Israeli warplanes fired several missiles towards the Syrian S-300 positional area, successfully defeating the positions of the Syrian army, while the “Favorites” did not react again.

According to the resource available, Israeli warplanes launched several missiles while in the airspace over Lebanon. The launch was carried out from the coastline, however, it is alleged that the missiles were fired from different directions, however, the Syrian air defense systems carried out exclusively their defeat, while the S-300 systems that were never used, and this time did not find their use against Israeli warplanes.

On the presented video frames you can see how the Syrian anti-aircraft artillery systems fired at Israeli missiles, but the data on the effectiveness of the Syrian air defense systems are still very contradictory, in particular, according to some sources, Israeli military aircraft managed to hit at least four targets in Syria, while a number of sources even reported high success rates of the Israeli attacks.

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According to some reports, the cause of the attack was the concentration of Iranian forces on the border with Lebanon, however, this is not a weighty argument for open aggression against the sovereignty of Syria.

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