Su-57’s AESA Radar Is Yet to Pass Debugging Phase, Says Tikhomirov-NIIP Director General Yuri Bely

19970's analog temperature and coolant guages of Irbis-E radar.

In an interview with Russian newspaper, Tikhomirov-NIIP Director General Yuri Bely said the design bureau had delivered 60 BARS-R radars for Su-30SM fighters for the Russian Air Force and developed six prototype N036 Byelka AESA radar system for Su-57 aircraft.

Sukhoi Design Bureau uses the first two radars for bench tests, and two are sent to the Russian Air Force for flight trials. Tikhomirov-NIIP retained two AESA radars for test and debugging purposes.

Phased array radar will be a mainstay for the current and future fighter aircraft of the Russian Air Force and prospective customers, reported citing Director General Yuri Bely.

The Su-57 prototype T-50-5 and T-50-3 are fitted with AESA radar, said  Director General Yuri Bely. Due to the stability of the radar in question during air-to-air and air-to-surface modes, Tikhomirov-NIIP dismounted the radar from T-50-5 and T-50-3 prototypes for further debugging and bench test.

Tikhomirov-NIIP plans to build four more AESA radars for Su-57 aircraft in the coming years. The AESA radar is to be launched by Ryazan State Instrument Making Enterprise in 2021. Ryazan State Instrument Making Enterprise will manufacture mechanical beam-steering components and electronics parts, and Tikhomirov-NIIP will assemble the radar, Mr Bely noted. Tikhomirov-NIIP is responsible for the forward-looking and side-looking L-band radar of Su-57 aircraft.

Tikhomirov-NIIP is also helping India to develop Uttam Radar for the domestic market. India will produce some of the subsystems of the radar system.

Director-General Yuri Bely said the Design Bureau would continue to build Irbis-E and BARS-R phased array radar for Su-35 and Su-30SM fighter jets. The Design Bureau has no plans to integrate AESA radar systems into any fighter jets, including Su-75 checkmate.

The Irbis’s predecessor, the BARS, fits approximately 300 Su-30MKI, Su-30MKM and Su-30MKA fighters that Indian, Malaysian and Algerian air forces have operated.

“Finally, I cannot but mention that the experience we have gained from the development of the AESA radar for the Su-57 aircraft can come in handy in developing an AESA radar intended to equip the future long-range Bomber (Russian acronym PAK DA) aircraft”, said Mr Bely.

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