Ukrainian forces seize Russian modernized T-72B3 tank on the battlefield

Ukrainian military on Thursday (June 29) released a new video that shows Russia’s tank captured by Ukrainian troops in Zaphorizhzhia region.

The 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade “Magura” captured a Russian T-72B3 in Mod. 2016 configuration. By the appearance, the tank has no noticeable damage. The crew may be abandoned the combat vehicle.

According to the Militarnyi, a week earlier, in the same area, Ukrainian troops destroyed several Russian T-72B3s during an unsuccessful attempt by the occupiers to retake the seized positions. As a result of Ukrainian strikes, the Russians lost 3 tanks, and three more tanks retreated.

The T-72B3 is a modernized version of the T-72 main battle tank that was developed in Russia. It entered service in 2013 and is currently in use by the Russian Ground Forces.

One of the eye-catching features of the T-72B3 are the sharp wedge-shaped elements on the tank’s turret. These are explosive reactive armor (ERA) elements, which are intended to protect the vehicle from armor-piercing effects of anti-tank munitions. The specific type of ERA used on the T-72B3 is called ‘Kontakt-5‘.

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