Latest Satellite Photos Show the Destruction of Russian Armored Vehicles and Tanks Near Kyiv

By using the multispectral imagery bands on the WorldView-2 satellite, the Maxar photos show damage to buildings and Russian tanks on fire at Antonov International Airport near Hostomel, northwest of Kyiv. Photo by Maxar.

A satellite image recorded a destroyed column of armored vehicles from almost two dozen armored vehicles.

New satellite imagery taken in the Kyiv region on March 11 by Maxar Technologies shows Russian military units deploying closer to Kyiv and actively firing artillery toward residential areas.

Maxar first released images of the convoy Sunday, reporting its location to be about 25 miles northwest of Kyiv, near Ivankiv, Ukraine. Today, a representative said the convoy was photographed near the Antonov airport or about 17 miles from the center of Kyiv.

The targets of the artillery battalion are not possible to determine. Still, multiple homes and buildings are seen on fire, and widespread damage and impact craters are seen throughout the town of Moschun, northwest of Kyiv.

The southern end of Antonov Airport in Hostomel, northwest of Kyiv. Fires at a fuel storage area can be seen in the Maxar image.

On the satellite image, the column of armored vehicles was burned between the buildings and, apparently, was destroyed by NLAW and Javelin.

In the presented satellite image, it was possible to count 16 destroyed vehicles, among which there are lightly armored vehicles, tanks, etc.

Fires continue to burn at Antonov International Airport near Hostomel, a northwestern suburb of Kyiv. Long lines of cars can also be seen as people try to flee Kyiv.

Additional images released by Maxar show destroyed armored vehicles and a damaged bridge in Ukraine, and additional ground forces — including ground attach helicopter units — in Belarus.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is on its seventeenth day, but Ukrainians are putting up an effective resistance, currently holding control of all major cities.

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