Putin A ‘Dead Man Walking’: Warned To Be Very Careful What He Eats, Where He Sleeps And Which Aircraft He Flys

Vladimir Putin was dubbed a “dead man walking” this week and warned to be “very careful” when he visits China later this year, Global Defense Corp has learned.

In a surprising development to come after the Russian leader announced he would visit China in October, sources close to Putin said he should be “very careful” following the death of Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin last week.

According to Professor Anthony Glees, Wagner blamed Putin for Prigozhin’s plane crash death on August 23 and will likely seek retribution for the suspected killing of their leader.

“Putin the ex-KGB Officer is playing poker, as he always does, pretending his hand is far stronger than it actually is, that every defeat was in fact all part of a carefully worked-out plan,” Glees explained to Daily Star this week.

“It does not exist,” the professor continued. “He’s a dead man walking.”

Fear of flying

Glees also argued that Putin made a mistake by not claiming responsibility for Prigozhin’s death because it made the Russian despot look “frightened” and “weak.”

“In other words, Putin was too frightened and too weak to claim the credit for the killing whilst cynically hinting that it was bound to happen,” Glees told the outlet.

Meanwhile, Putin’s recent announcement that he will visit China in October is reportedly part of a plot to make the “world see him as supremely powerful.”

“What Putin wants now, just a few days after arranging for Prigozhin to meet his maker on 23 August, is for the world and especially NATO to see him as supremely powerful, calm, and in full control of events,” Glees said.

“Going to China would send a signal that all was well for him in Russia.”

But despite Putin’s hopes to make the world and NATO view him as “supremely powerful,” Glees predicted that the Russian leader will still “worry” about leaving Moscow vulnerable during his trip to China and the possibility of being assassinated during the visit.

Fear of food poisoning

Insiders have claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin hires food tasters in order to ensure that he doesn’t come in contact with harmful substances. We aren’t talking about how to avoid getting food poisoning, but rather, being poisoned by food. 

The New York Post noted that the Russian President remains cautious everywhere he goes. When speaking with his staff, he has himself placed on the opposite end of the table to keep a safe distance. He has scouts patrol and secure areas he intends to visit and even jams cell phone signals around him when he travels. With these many steps to ensure his safety, the official food tasters primarily stick to Moscow and oversee the day-to-day meal preparation of what Vladimir Putin eats

The international community raised their collective eyebrows back in 2012 when a former chef informed the world that the leader of the Kremlin has staff test his food before dining (per NDTV). The source clarified further, saying that these taste testers primarily worked in Moscow and didn’t travel with the president during his outings.

Others have claimed that Putin has employed food testers in a similar fashion in the past. Mirror reports that the Russian president hired squads of food testers in 2018 over concerns of a possible threat after Russian Spy Sergei Skripa mysteriously received a harmful dose of a nerve agent in the U.K. These reports have some wondering if Putin truly does employ a team of food testers to ensure he doesn’t get poisoned.

Use of body double

According to the National Post, the Russian leader also has hired body doubles, agents strapped with bulletproof vests, and the staff even uses “kevlar umbrellas” to make sure Putin remains secure in their care. These same employees have a keen understanding of politics and can understand foreign languages, making them, quite possibly, some of the best-trained food tasters known in history.

According to The Scotsman, Putin has growing concern over the sense that someone may assassinate him, which has spiraled further after invading another country. With the world’s spotlight directed upon him in the wake of the Ukraine conflict, perhaps Vladamir Putin is right to be concerned.

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