Sukhoi Delayed Delivery Of Su-57 Fighters To VKS

A Russian Su-57 fighter jet is on fire due to instrument overheating. Source VKS.

The delivery of five Su-57 fighters to the Russian Air Force in 2021 will be delayed due to flight control systems malfunctions during a flight test, learned GDC citing newspaper.

Despite an earlier statement by Sergey Viktorovich Chemezov, the CEO of Rostec Corporation that the Russian Aerospace Forces will receive five Su-57 fighters in 2021, today only one Su-57 remains in service with the Russian air force (VKS), which suggests that the planned deliveries are delayed.

Experts note this is evident that Sukhoi does not disclose any press release as it does usually indicate that the aircraft still have some teaching problem going on. Su-57 has received a lot of bad press last few years in domestic media and overseas media, Sukhoi does not want to aggravate the situation by disclosing flight control systems error and losing sole export customer Algeria.

Sukhoi is yet to boost planned production capacity as it can only manufacture one Su-57 airframe per year.

The delivery of Su-57 fighters to the armament of the Russian Aerospace Forces will undoubtedly be delayed. Nevertheless, one Su-57 has already been put into service, and this undoubtedly guarantees future supplies to the Aerospace Forces, says Russian defense export in

It should be noted that the Su-57 is being tested and its weapons delivery capability is still unknown, as previously reported.

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