Su-57 may not be built with quality workmanship, says Vietnam’s MoD

A screen grab from a video of RT news. Screws are visible on the airframe of Su-57 without any surface treatment. Source RT news.

The Su-57 may not be built with quality workmanship, could not be confirmed that this aircraft can be called fifth-generation aircraft, published Vietnam express quoting Colonel General Phan Văn Giang, the Defense Minister of Vietnam.

Despite the fact that Vietnam is among the prospective buyers of Russian Su-57 fighters, the Vietnamese media is critical of Su-57 as the country plans to pay a whopping $2 billion for only 12 aircraft.

The Russian combat aircraft has visible screws, legacy cockpit and poor construction of canopy, does it belong to the fifth generation fighters, reports Vietnam Express.

The storyboard video provided by the Russian defense department, presented by RT news, showed wings roughly screwed into the fuselage, wide gaps between wings and aileron of Russian Su-57 combat aircraft. No radar cross section (RCS) reduction mechanism which is known as radar absorbent material applied to the surface of the alloy metals.

A screen grab from a video of RT news. Screws are visible on the airframe of Su-57 without any surface treatment. Source RT news.

This technology, according to Vietnamese experts, does not allow the Russian fighter to be in fifth-generation category at all, and given the fact that the geometry of the cross hole is completely violated on some signature reduction mechanism, it is believed in Vietnam that the assembly of the Su-57 fighter is carried out by unskilled manpower not using the next-generation required technology.

A Su-57s engine malfunction during factory trials.

Moreover, bubbles were seen on the glass cockpit canopy, which also raised a lot of questions about the build quality of Russian combat aircraft.

Faulty canopy of Su-57.

The latest images of the Su-57 fighters portraited disturbing details about the quality of this aircraft. The Su-57 touted as the most advanced fighter in the Russian military, demonstrating the ability to attack flying targets with missiles in a internal compartment on the wings. However, screws in the fuselage and bubbles on the cockpit canopy indicate poor quality product, reports the Vietnamese news.

It should be noted that so far there have been no official comments on this from the Sukhoi Design Bureau however, this can seriously damage the credibility of the Su-57 combat aircraft.

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