Germany transfers 18 more RCH 155mm howitzers to Ukraine

In an important announcement made by the German Ministry of Defense on February 17, 2024, Germany has committed to bolstering Ukraine’s military capabilities by delivering an additional 18 RCH 155 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzers. This move marks a considerable augmentation of Ukraine’s artillery firepower and represents a continuation of Germany’s support for Ukraine amidst ongoing tensions in the region.

Back on September 17, 2022, it was revealed that Ukraine would purchase 18 Boxer RCH 155 units at a cost of €216 million, with the funds being sourced from German aid. However, it was later disclosed in November 2023 that the delivery of these state-of-the-art howitzers could only commence by the end of 2024 at the earliest.

The RCH 155 is at the forefront of artillery technology, showcasing the latest advancements in 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzers. Ukraine’s acquisition of these units is particularly noteworthy as it will be the first foreign nation to integrate the RCH 155 into its armed forces, underscoring the strategic partnership and trust between Germany and Ukraine.

Following Ukraine’s procurement, Germany has also decided to enhance its own military arsenal with the RCH 155 self-propelled howitzer. The German army has laid out plans to acquire 168 of these cutting-edge units, aiming to significantly upgrade its artillery capabilities and modernize its forces.

This bilateral cooperation between Germany and Ukraine not only strengthens Ukraine’s defensive posture but also signifies the deepening ties and mutual support between the two nations in face of regional security challenges.

The RCH 155, also known as the Remote-Controlled Howitzer 155mm, epitomizes the forefront of artillery technology, blending unmatched precision, mobility, and firepower for modern battlefield operations. This advanced wheeled self-propelled artillery system, built on the chassis of the highly adaptable Boxer armored vehicle, showcases the integration of sophisticated military technology with operational versatility.

Armed with a 155mm/L52 cannon, the RCH 155 is versatile in its ammunition compatibility, capable of firing a broad spectrum of NATO-standard 155mm munitions. This versatility enables the system to perform a wide array of missions, leveraging high-explosive rounds to precision-guided projectiles for adaptability across various operational scenarios. The system’s precision is further augmented by an advanced fire control system, ensuring rapid target acquisition and engagement amidst the fluid dynamics of modern combat.

A defining feature of the RCH 155 is its mobility, attributed to its wheeled configuration based on the Boxer vehicle platform. This mobility affords significant strategic and tactical advantages, facilitating swift redeployment to support evolving frontlines and enhancing the system’s tactical flexibility. Additionally, the RCH 155 is designed with crew protection in mind, featuring armored shielding effective against small arms fire and shrapnel, thereby ensuring crew safety in conflict zones.

The howitzer’s automated loading system is a testament to its modern design, streamlining the ammunition handling process to boost the rate of fire while minimizing the crew’s exposure to risk. Coupled with its impressive range of fire—capable of reaching targets up to 40 kilometers away with conventional ammunition and further extended with precision-guided munitions—the RCH 155 significantly expands the operational reach of artillery units, providing powerful long-distance fire support.

Incorporating cutting-edge communication systems, the RCH 155 integrates effortlessly into existing military command and control networks. This facilitates synchronized operations with other forces, enhancing the collective combat effectiveness and situational awareness on the battlefield. Its ability to swiftly compute firing solutions and adjust to the ever-changing conditions of warfare makes it an invaluable asset for commanders striving to maintain momentum and operational superiority.

In summary, the RCH 155 represents the latest in 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzers, merging formidable firepower with state-of-the-art targeting, communication systems, and remarkable mobility. Based on the Boxer armored vehicle and equipped with a range extending up to 40 kilometers, its introduction into military arsenals signifies a strategic shift toward more agile, precise, and technologically driven artillery operations, where speed, accuracy, and adaptability are crucial to achieving tactical and strategic objectives.

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