CSM Industry Showcases Military Vehicles At IDEB Bratislava 2021

CSM Industry presented the new Rheinmetall Man UDS HX 8×8 military vehicles at International Defense Expo (IDEB). The International Defense Expo (IDEB) is held in Bratislava presenting World Premiere Rheinmetall Military Man UDS HX 8×8 excavator to the world.

The new Rheinmetall Man UDS HX 8×8 (or non armored version) is intended for the support of engineer troops and for immediate action to save lives, supporting combat missions, digging shelters, building bridges, dredging of base grooves and channels, building and maintenance of engineering networks.

The UDS is used as a crane or lifting machine plus a heavy excavator with 14,6 meters unique telescopic arm lifting up to 7 tons with rotating head 360 degrees. It plays an important role in military deployment, in securing technical means and structures supporting the operation of combat units or removing ruins in dangerous zones.

This week’s exhibition IDEB in Bratislava gave us the perfect framework for the world premiere of the HX 8×8 based excavator UDS, the company said in a statement.   We’re looking forward to presenting this versatile excavator solution on Rheinmetall MAN’s pure military HX truck with highest mobility including 1.5m fordability to our HX customers world wide as well as to new potential users together with CSM. Another important milestone for Rheinmetall’s close cooperation with Slovak defence industry, Frank Lallig, Vice President, Rheinmetall Man Military Vehicles, Germany told Global Defense Corp.

Exciting last 4 days during International Defense Expo (IDEB) in Bratislava presenting World Premiere Rheinmetall Military Man UDS HX 8×8 excavator to the world. The journey just began. Great work both teams for the past year to work on this project, commented Alexander Horvath, Vice President Defense CSM Industry.

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