Ukraine Deploys French LRU Artillery Rockets in Counteroffensive Against Russia

Ukraine has successfully deployed the American M142 HIMARS high-mobility artillery rocket systems and the M270 MLRS multiple rocket launchers along with their German analogue MARS II. And now, it’s time to pay attention to a French system called Lance-roquettes unitaire (LRU).

LRU is another European modification of the American M270 MLRS. France, Germany, and Italy participated in its development. As we wrote above, the German version is called MARS II, and LRU is not different from it.

The combat vehicle received a new fire control system – European Fire Control System (EFCS). It was developed by Airbus Defence & Space and blocks the ability to use M26, M26A1 and M30 cluster munitions as part of compliance with the Convention on Cluster Munitions. The use of M31, M31A1, M32, AT2 projectiles can be used without restriction.

The American Bradley infantry fighting vehicle is used as a chassis. This increases cross-country capability, but reduces mobility compared to the HIMARS. The maximum travelling speed is approximately 70 km/h.

The advantage of the LRU over the M142 is a salvo of 12 GMLRS precision guided projectiles with a maximum launch range of approximately 80 km. HIMARS has one container that holds six munitions.

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