Navantia’s S80 Submarine Air Independent Propulsion passes tests

Navantia's S80 Submarine

Navantia has in the new submarine Class S80, being manufactured for the Spanish Navy in the Cartagena Shipyard. It is a new generation submarine, technologically very advanced, which represents a qualitative leap with respect to conventional submarines.

It incorporates the most advanced technology, such as the propulsion system independent of the atmosphere (AIP) and integrates a state-of-the-art system for combat and support for the operations of special forces. 

The air-independent propulsion (AIP) system for Spain’s new S80-class submarines has now passed its final tests, with Abengoa being chosen as the supplier, Navantia announced on 26 February.

The AIP system was originally due to be integrated into all four ships during their construction, but development delays meant the decision had already been made to retrofit it to the first two when they undergo their first major overhauls.

The S80 AIP system is based on fuel-cell technology that uses hydrogen processed from bioethanol and oxygen to generate electricity, enabling the vessel to stay under water for several weeks.

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