Britain and Turkey Agreed to Provide Further Lethal Aid to Ukraine

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke about negotiations with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on providing military assistance to Ukraine.

Johnson said this during a briefing after the NATO summit and bilateral meetings of NATO leaders writes Buk.Info.

Journalists asked Johnson about talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on military assistance to Ukraine.

“We agreed with Erdogan as follows: Britain provides Ukraine with anti-battery systems to destroy Russian long-range artillery, from which they shoot Mariupol. This British artillery will also be able to destroy Russian ships at a long distance. And Turkey will deliver another batch of Bayraktars to Ukraine, as well as powerful wheeled tractors with platforms on which British long-range heavy artillery will be loaded and transported to the desired locations,” the message says.

“I think Putin is going to do to Ukrainian cities what he did to Grozny,” Johnson said.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that certain agreements had been reached between the UK and Turkey. In particular, it is reported that London intends to send counter-battery radars to Ukraine, which also provide the ability to determine the location of artillery strikes accurately, while Ankara wants to transfer to Ukraine another, presumably already the third in a month, a batch of strike unmanned aerial vehicles, Bayraktar TB2.

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