Royal Thailand Army Receives Israeli Spike-MR Anti-Tank Guided Missiles

Spike-MR medium range anti-tank guided missile of Royal Thai Army. Photo by Royal Thai Army.

Israel’s defense company, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems (RADS) announced that it had delivered Spike-MR anti-tank guided missiles to the Royal Thailand Army (RTA) with launchers following procurement of the missile system earlier this year. The delivery comes after a deal for the procurement of the missile systems was reached between Rafael and Royal Armed Forces earlier this year. The RTA selected the SPIKE MR (Medium Range) variant after a process of evaluation and procured its first lot of missiles and launchers designated for its 6th infantry division. The long overdue Anti-Tank Missile program to replace the Dragon of the RTA began a decade ago when they were selected the Spike as a winner.

Mr. Roman Palarya, director of marketing and business development at Rafael’s Precision Tactical Weapon Systems directorate: “We are very proud that the Royal Thai Army has selected the SPIKE missile. SPIKE has been in use in Asia for more than 20 years, and the selection of the SPIKE Missile by the RTA strengthens the SPIKE Missile user base in Asia.”

The Spike-MR is a lightweight, man-portable, Fire and Forget, multi-purpose missile system with a range of up to 2,500 meters. The medium range version (Israeli designation: NT-Gil). The weight of the missile is 14 kg (30 lb 14 oz), its minimum range is 200 m, while its maximum range is 2,500 m (1.6 mi). The Spike-MR system includes launch tubes with missiles, Command Launch Unit (CLU), thermal sight and small tripod. This weapon is operated by a crew of 2. This weapon was designed for infantry use and special forces. The Spike MR falls in the same category as the US Javelin.

Spike is an Israeli fire-and-forget anti-tank guided missile and anti-personnel missile with a tandem-charge HEAT warhead, currently in its fourth-generation. It was developed and designed by the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. It is available in man-portable, vehicle-launched, and helicopter-launched variants. The Spike family includes: Spike-SR with a range of 800m, Spike-MR with range of 2,500m, Spike-LR with 4,000m range and Spike-ER with a range of 8,000m. To-date, SPIKE has been sold to 35 countries, including 19 NATO nations, with over 33,000 missiles already supplied and more than 6,000 fired in tests and in combat.

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