Ukraine’s HIMARS strikes destroyed Russia’s S-400 dud’s 92N2 radar and 96L6 high-altitude radar

The Ukrainian forces, notably the ‘Tivaz Artillery Battery’ and Special Operation units, have demonstrated their exceptional precision by successfully targeting and annihilating critical components of the Russian S-400 air defense system.

This feat underscores the effectiveness of their tactics and S-400 technology and leaves a lasting impression on the battlefield.

The Ukrainian military has demonstrated its adaptability and resourcefulness through the use of M142 HIMARS and FPV drones.

These strikes, which have effectively neutralized Russian air defense capabilities, are a testament to the Ukrainian military’s ability to disrupt enemy operations and eliminate significant numbers of Russian military equipment and personnel.

S-400 92N2 radar

They also serve as a stark reminder of the dynamic nature of the conflict and the Ukrainian military’s readiness to respond to Russian aggression. Ukraine has likely destroyed at least second Russian long-range air defense system in a week, weakening Russia’s air defenses, the Department of Defense said.

These include three prized S-400 Triumf missile systems, which were destroyed in the Luhansk region on April 23, according to Russian media reports.

The loss of these prized systems means that Russia will likely have to replace them from other operational areas, weakening its air defenses there, the ministry noted.

Russia’s S-400 long-range surface-to-air system is designed to shoot down aircraft and missiles at long ranges and high altitudes. It includes truck-mounted radars, a mobile command post, and multiple missile launch platforms.

Additional Russian air defense losses have been reported in Crimea by Ukrainian sources.

The destruction of these systems means that Russia’s Integrated Air Defence System is struggling against modern precision strike weapons, per the ministry.

Ukraine used the long-range HIMARS to destroy the S-400 , according to a Russian Telegram channel claim.  

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