Project FURY: Russia is about lose its entire Black Sea fleet as Ukraine launches the biggest kamikaze sea drones attacks

Ukraine is set to unveil its latest underwater robot drone that will target Putin’s Black Sea fleet in a bid to turn the tide of the war.

Project FURY, which stands for First Ukrainian Robotic Navy, will be presented at Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense’s “Offensive of Machines” Hackathon.

The stealth AUV(Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) is still in development but will make its first public appearance on Sunday.

The drone will be used as a platform for a range of missions and will be able to carry mines, torpedoes, or submarine-launched missiles, according to submarine expert H I Sutton.

It’s possible that the AUV could also be fitted with a range of sensors to carry out intelligence missions.

While its specifications are currently under wraps, Project FURY will partner with an experienced AUV manufacturer in the West to weaponise an already existing platform.

Ukraine has seen a lot of success launching Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) putting them one step ahead of the Kremlin’s Black Sea Fleet.

The invisible kamikaze “Sea Baby” drone has caused extensive damage to several Russian vessels – most recently spitting fire at enemy boats.

It was also responsible for an attack on Putin’s much-beloved $4 billion Crimean Bridge.

Pictures from July last year show a gaping hole left in the bridge from the drone blast.

The “Sea Baby” can carry up to 850kg of explosives and its body is reportedly made from a material invisible to radar systems.

Ukraine also has the Marichka underwater kamikaze drone in its arsenal – capable of carrying 1,000lbs of explosives.

The $400,000 Marichka is said to be immune to Russian radio-electronic warfare systems, meaning the pricey weapon is “invisible to the enemy”.

But after numerous attacks, Russia is getting better at countering USV attacks, and without innovation, Vlad’s troops could regain superiority, warns H I Sutton.

Ukraine’s Vice Admiral Oleksii Neizhpapa said: “Some of our tricks and tactics that were worked out in 2022 and 2023 will not work in 2024.

“Therefore, you need to change tactics, change the technical characteristics of everything you do.”

USVs are vulnerable to aircraft and an underwater unmanned drone could be the answer – but what sets Project FURY apart is that it’s not a completely new drone.

While AUVs are more expensive they are reusable and stealth and have the added advantage of surprise as well as needing no personnel to run.

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