Italian Elettronica ELT/568(V)2 self-protection jammer will no longer be available for the MiG-35

Italy-based Elettronica signed an agreement with Mikoyan in 2007 to support in incorporating ELT/568(V)2 self-protection jammer in the MiG-35. The jammer renders self defense from radar controlled anti-aircraft artillery.

The Russian Aircraft Corporation-MiG as well has announced in 2007 that the Elettronica’s ultra-high performance ELT/568(V)2 self-protection jammer will equip the new MiG-35 aircraft on offer to the Indian Air Force as part of that country’s MMRCA (Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft) tender. The Indian Air Force’s rejection of MiG-35 combined with Russian occupation in Crimea lead to suspension of the collaboration between Mikoyan Design Bureau and Elettronica.

Italy indefinitely suspended defense joint venture projects over the Russian government’s involvement in the Ukraine crisis. In a statement released by Elettronica said that the ELT/568(V)2 self-protection jammer will not be available for MiG-35 aircraft until European Union withdraws sanctions against Russia.

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