Ukraine released photos of M1 Abrams tanks in the front line

The Ukrainian military has released the first picture of recently received U.S.-made Abrams main battle tanks, reportedly deployed close to the front lines.

On September 25, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed the arrival of the first batch of 31 Abrams tanks.

The expedited arrival of these tanks aligns with Ukraine’s urgent need to rapidly and effectively fortify its defensive capabilities amid the ongoing conflict with Russia. These Abrams tanks, constituting a part of a larger commitment, symbolize tangible support from the United States in reinforcing Ukraine’s defense infrastructure.

The first received tanks belong to the M1A1 Situational Awareness (SA) version, a variant with approximately 650 units deployed in the U.S. Army.

The M1A1 SA variant boasts enhanced capabilities, including an upgraded laser rangefinder and a thermal imaging camera integrated into the gunner’s primary sight. Its stabilized sight enables two-plane stabilization, while the rangefinder accurately measures distances from 200 to 7990 meters, accepting ballistic solutions up to 3990 meters. Additionally, a new stabilized remotely controlled weapon station equips the tank commander for precision firing from a heavy machine gun, even while the tank is in motion. The tank is also equipped with a digital control and monitoring system known as Blue Force Tracking, facilitating ‘friend-or-foe’ recognition.

Earlier commitments from the United States to supply Abrams tanks were echoed by promises from European nations to provide German Leopard 2 tanks. Berlin’s approval was contingent on a similar commitment from the United States, which was eventually agreed upon.

The United Kingdom led the charge in sending Western tanks to Ukraine, delivering their Challenger 2 tanks in January of this year, which arrived in the spring.

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