Israeli F-16 destroyed Iranian BAVAR-373 AKA S-300PMU2 SAM in Syria

Israeli F-16 fighters attached at the position of BAVAR-373 SAM.

An Israeli F-16 fighter jet successfully penetrated Syrian airspace protected by BAVAR-373 and destroyed a missile launcher of BAVAR-373. This is the first time a fourth-generation F-16 fighter jet has destroyed a long-range air defense of Russian origin.

Israeli Air Force planes launched several strikes on military targets in Syria. According to the Syrian Defense Ministry, three soldiers were killed and another was injured. Syrian air defense systems opened fire on Israeli aircraft, but were not successful.

It should be noted that despite the fact that air defense systems failed to shoot down the plane, this is the first attack on a fighter in the past two years, and, apparently, Iranian radars experienced noticeable problems, in any case, the IDF fighters were noticed in advance, meanwhile earlier the Syrian military confirmed about the loss of BAVAR-373 launcher as the radars simply do not see their targets until the moment of the attack.

Bavar-373 is an Iranian long-range road-mobile surface-to-air missile system unveiled in August 2016. Iran describes it as an analogous to the S-300 missile system. It is manufactured by the Iranian Defence Ministry in cooperation with unspecified local manufacturers with the help of Russian Almaz-Antey, the manufacturer of the S-300 and S-400 SAM.

Iran displayed what it described as a domestically built long-range, surface-to-air missile air defense system on August 2019, at a time of rising tension with the United States.

Israel has confirmed that its fighters have struck eight targets in Syria. The Israeli military said that the bombing was a response to the aggressive actions of the Syrian military and the soldiers of the Iranian special forces “al-Quds” of the IRGC. Shortly before the airstrike, on November 17, Israeli Armed Forces explosives found and defused several explosive devices on the Israeli-Syrian border.

The spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces Jonathan Conricus noted that the main purpose of the air strikes was to demonstrate to official Damascus that the Jewish state will not allow the strengthening of Iranian influence in the region.

In early August 2020, a similar incident occurred with the installation of an IED in the same area. Then the Israeli military eliminated the saboteurs, demined the devices and blamed the Syrian government for the attempted terrorist attack.

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