Russia’s T-62M Tanks Proved Useless Against Modern Anti-tank Weapons Supplied By The West

The Russian military lost their armored vehicles during the counteroffensive actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson region.

In particular, Ukrainian forces managed to destroy and capture Russian T-62M/MV tanks.

A Ukrainian soldier, known on Twitter as “eastern fella“, reported that about a dozen T-62 tanks were captured in the Kherson direction.

The retrofitted version of the Т-62 tank with a Sheksna system of guided weapons received the designation Т-62М.

The video of the Ukrainian serviceman featuring the updated T-62MV tank was destroyed during the offensive.

On these outdated tanks, the Russian military installs improvised anti-cumulative screens, which are supposed to protect the turret from explosive devices dropped by drones.

Т-62МV tanks were noticed in the territory of the Russian Southern Military District as recently as 2021.

In August 2018, during the Vostok-2018 exercises, the Russian military removed at least several dozen Т-62М and Т-62МV out from storage at the bases.

Танк Т-62МВ Збройних сил Росії під час навчань Південного військового округу. Жовтень 2021
T-62M with no frontal armor. T-62MV tank of the Armed Forces of Russia during trainings of the Southern Military District. October 2021

In May 2022, the first reports appeared about the sending of Т-62М and Т-62МV tanks to Ukraine.

In addition to the Kherson region, these tanks are used by the Russian military in the Luhansk region.

Танк Т-62М з ДЗ "Контакт-1" "Аврора" окупаційних сил Росії на Луганщині. Червень 2022. Кадр з відео ЗМІ РФ
T-62MV with no frontal armor.

T-62M tank “Aurora” with the Kontakt-1 reactive armour of the Russian invasion forces in the Luhansk region. June 2022. Frame from the video of the Russian media

As previously reported, Ukrainian forces liberated Davydiv Brid in the Kherson region — one of the key settlements on the bridgehead behind the Inhulets River.

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