Azerbaijan destroyed Nebo-M radar of Armenia using TB2 drone

The Azerbaijani military destroyed the newest Russian “Sky-M” radar, a derivative of Nebo-M radar with a direct MAM-L missile strike.

The newest Nebo-M radar station deployed in Armenia just a few years ago and designed to detect targets and ballistic missiles was destroyed by a direct missile attack by the Azerbaijani military. It is known that neither the drone itself nor the launched missile was intercepted.

Nebo-M Radar

Armenia put the Nebo-M radar put into service after 2017 and the radar supposed to track the launches of ballistic missiles and aerodynamic targets, including low radar signature.

Experts do not exclude that the “Sky-M” radar (Nebo-M) worked as part of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system, and there is a rather big danger that Russian S-400 system is also vulnerable as it uses the same radar.

Moreover, it is still unknown why the drone, which carried out the strike, was not noticed by the radar, designed to work with inconspicuous targets, which raises a number of questions as to whether Armenia really controls its airspace or Turkish ground-based Koral Electronic attack platform was used to disable the Nebo-M radar before destroying the target.

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