Ukrainian kamikaze drone blew up Russia’s microchip factory that produce missile components

Shocking footage from a strike on one of Russia’s largest microelectronics factories has been shared online in a “huge humiliation” for the Kremlin.

Military blogger Romanov Light said a fire broke out at the plant’s 16th building and was extinguished around an hour later – at 1.50am local time. Staggering footage shared online shows the shocking moment the plant was struck.

Michael Bociurkiw, global affairs analyst and senior fellow at The Atlantic Council, told Daily Express US the microchip factory was a significant target.

It was one of several Russian sites struck in one of the biggest waves of attacks on Russian soil since Putin’s illegal war began.

There has been a flurry of drone strikes across Russian this week, including in the regions of Kursk and Belgorod and in the city of Pskov located more than 430 miles from Ukraine’s border with Russia.

Ukraine typically does not claim responsibility for drone attacks within Russia, although Kyiv officials have been known to publicly express satisfaction with them.

On Wednesday, another microchip factory in the Bryansk region was targeted in a nighttime drone strike.

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