Russian Glorified Su-35 Failed to Track J-16 and J-10C in a Simulated Air Battle: PLAAF

Chinese military experts Xi Yazhou said, the Russian Su-35 was unsuitable for mock air combat. Russia offered 24 more Su-35 fighters to the PRC, although experts from the PRC said that the Russian combat aircraft was not at its best during simulated aerial combat, since it lost the mock battle to the Chinese J-16. and J-10.

The Su-35 was put on combat duty for the PLA Air Force in one year and has already formed a squadron, as well as completed escort tasks for the H-6K and flew around the island of Taiwan.

Chinese military commentator Xi Yazhou revealed that in 2019’s air force exercise, China’s domestic J-10C fighter defeated imported Su-35 fighter.

In respects of avionics fire control and armaments performance, Su-35 jet’s passive phased array radar is completely suppressed by J-10C’s active electronically array radar. Su-35 fighter only has an advantage in the field of combat range, while in BVR combats, J-10C with PL-15 missile is superior to Su-35. It is said that these have been verified in a number of mock air battles.

According to Sina Military, to make up for the shortage of fighters, China decided to purchase 24 Su-35. However, the fighter has flaws, and its avionics system is not very developed, so it is completely devoid of perspectives.

J-10C of the PLAAF

According to Sina Military, a Russian combat aircraft is equipped with an passive electronically scanned array radar, it receives the position of the target by picking up electromagnetic waves emitted by the target, but it is not able to quickly measure the distance, and it will need several sensors to obtain accurate data.

The Chinese J-16 and J-10C are equipped with an electronically scanned array radar, which is the reason for the uselessness of the Russian Su-35, the newspaper notes. As stated in the publication, the J-16 and J-10C can take advantage of the radar to destroy the Su-35.

J-16 of the PLAAF

“Sina Military” emphasizes that the Chinese air force has a large number of J-11A fighters that can be modernized, and therefore improving the J-11B by the PLA Air Force may be more practical than the introduction of the Su-35, reports Russian Top War newspaper.

It is known that China does not exclude the possibility of acquisition of another batch of Russian Su-35 4 ++ generation fighters, but they will conclude the contract only at an acceptable cost.

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