Sweden to provide Ukraine with assault boats as part of $686 million aid package

The Swedish government has presented its largest military aid package to Ukraine to date, worth $686 million.

Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba appealed to EU foreign ministers during a meeting in Brussels on 19 February, urging them to facilitate the supply of artillery shells to Ukraine without delay.

And at the Munich Security Conference, Denmark called on Europe not to hide behind production problems in supplying weapons to Ukraine.

This package, with a total value of $686 million, is the 15th that Sweden has sent to Ukraine. “Ultimately, it is about humanity and decency,” Defence Minister Pål Jonson said at a press conference.

“It is also about protecting values and interests that are important to Sweden and its own interests,” he added.

The support package includes:

・10 amphibious assault boats of the Stridsbåt 90 class;

・20 amphibious boats;

・underwater weapons such as mines and torpedoes;

・a number of anti-aircraft systems such as Robot 70;

・anti-tank robots of the TOW model;

・grenade launchers with ammunition;

・artillery shells;

・hand grenades;

・Carl Gustaf grenade launchers;

・medical equipment;


$147 million will be spent on the purchase of military equipment through various funds, and another $147 million will be spent on ordering new Stridsfordon 90 combat vehicles for Ukraine.

$38 million will be spent on various educational initiatives for Ukrainians. Pål Jonson said that the new support package is specifically tailored to Ukraine’s needs.

Together with previous support packages that Sweden has already provided to Ukraine, the country has provided a total of just over $4 billion.

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