Algeria Is Third Country To Deploy S-400 Surface-to-air Missile System

The first photographs of the Russian-made S-400 Triumph air defense systems of Algerian Army have appeared in local media.

According to Mena Defense, the first photo of at least three mobile launchers of the S-400 “Triumph” air defense missile system on the BAZ-64022 platform. This is the first objective evidence that the S-400 Triumph systems actually appeared in the armed forces of this North African country.

Algerian S-400. Source Mena Defense

The details of the contract concluded between Russia and Algeria regarding the supply of S-400 Triumph complexes remain unknown, although it has been repeatedly stated that Algeria is extremely interested in acquiring Russian S-400 air defense systems.

According to information provided by the Russian media, the S-400 “Triumph” complexes of the Algerian Armed Forces are deployed in the southwestern and western parts of the country, where they additionally reinforce the Russian S-300PMU complexes purchased late 2000.

Thus, today Algeria is the third foreign operator of the S-400 Triumph air defense system after China and Turkey, however, at the end of the year, Russian complexes will also go to India.

Remarkable is the fact that earlier it became known that Algeria also signed a contract for the supply of Russian Su-57 fighters.

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