Ukrainian forces destroy Russian Tor air defense system using kamikaze drone

Recent footage shared by a user on X (formerly known as Twitter), under the nickname ‘external pilot,’ showcases the destruction of a Russian Tor air defense system by Ukrainian military forces.

Operators of the Shark unmanned system from the 128th Separate Guards Brigade identified the position of a Russian anti-aircraft system and adjusted artillery fire onto it.

Accompanying the video, the user emphasized the importance of such losses of modern air defense systems for the Russian military, describing it as a significant setback.

“Neutralizing the Air Defense System isn’t just proactive work. It’s a sweep across a significant front area, limiting the operational capability of dozens of our UAVs for a considerable time,” the user commented.

Notably, at the outset of the invasion, Russia reportedly possessed approximately 120 such air defense systems. Analysts estimate that they have lost at least 36 Tor missile systems.

The “Tor” stands as one of the few Russian short-range air defense systems highly effective against cruise missiles and precision-guided munitions. Most Tor systems are based on the GM-355 tracked chassis, allowing them to maneuver across diverse terrains akin to tanks and other armored vehicles.

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