Philippines Navy received 5th and 6th Shaldag Mk V Fast Attack Craft From Israel

On November 22, 2023, Israel Shipyards announced the delivery of the third batch of Shaldag Mk V fast attacking interdiction boats (FAIC) to the Philippine Navy.

Two more Fast Attack Interdiction Craft (FAIC) platforms for the Philippine Navy (PN) were delivered to the country from Israel on November 18 aboard the general cargo ship Koga Royal.

The vessels are currently at the Commodore East Posadas Wharf in Cavite City to begin the mandatory enhancement, maintenance, and training prior to commissioning them as PG906 and PG907 under the Acero-class patrol vessels of the Fleet’s Littoral Combat Force.

Their delivery is part of the FAIC Acquisition Project of the Revised AFP Modernization Program Horizon 2 contracted with Israel Shipyards which includes a total of nine platforms, and the transfer of technology to bolster the PN’s shipbuilding capability.

It marks another milestone in the Fleet’s resolve of reinforcing the country’s littoral/coastal defense with modern fast patrol combat vessels that have proven to be highly reliable in addressing current and emerging threats, and transnational crimes.

About Shaldag Mk V

The Shaldag Mk V is the largest member of the Shaldag class family and is a combat-proven, light and fast all-aluminum ship with higher payload capacity, designed for naval security missions. Like all members of the Shaldag class, the Shaldag MK V is characterized by a high degree of maneuverability and seaworthiness. It is designed for use in distant areas and is characterized by a favorable ratio of firepower to displacement. The Shaldag MK V is a recognized market leader for the protection of coastal waters and the EEZ.

The SHALDAG is most valued for security tasks where high intercept speeds and easy maneuverability are required. In addition, the vessel is equipped with highly advanced weapons systems, produced by world-recognized Israeli designers.

The combat-proven success of this unique ISL craft was quickly established with the Israeli Navy, attracting the attention of many other Naval forces.

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