Iran delivered first batch of 122mm Arash-series rockets to Russia

The Russian Ministry of Defense has released footage showing a recently received batch of Iranian-made 122mm Arash-series rockets.

This is the first time the official footage from the Russian military has confirmed that Iran supplying its 122mm artillery rockets to Russia.

The Arash unguided artillery rocket is based on the Soviet-era 122mm artillery rocket family, variants of which remain in service worldwide and are most commonly associated with the BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launcher.

According to Iranian state media, the base version of the Arash rocket can hit the targets with an accuracy of 7 meters.

“Weighing 64 kilograms, Arash has a range of 22 kilometers and is equipped with a 19 kg warhead with great destructive power that detonates targets within a range of 25 meters,” Tasnim reported, citing the Director of the Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization of the IRGC Ground Force General Ali Koohestani.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, the Russian military has been receiving 122mm rockets and other ammunition from Iran since mid-2022, when the Russians began to experience a drain on their ammunition stockpiles.

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