Russian kamikaze drone blew up Ukraine’s IRIS-T SLM Mockup

Russians released a video purportedly showing their Lancet short-duration loitering munition, known popularly as “kamikaze drone,” successfully blow up an advanced Iris-T air defense system.

The video quickly circulated on Russian social media, initially claiming it was a successful attack on real Ukrainian Iris-T systems.

Russian military sources asserted they had successfully destroyed Ukraine’s modern air defense system, which was received from Germany, and numerous non-professional media outlets spread this news.

However, even a superficial analysis of the provided footage suggests that the Russian Lancet struck a high-precision mock-up of Iris-T. In the video, it is evident that the launcher lacks a gas piston lift mechanism, and there is no secondary detonation of the missile, which is characteristic of such a missile system.

Upon closer examination, other discrepancies include a seemingly lightweight cabin and an incorrect proportion of the power unit of the system. Subsequently, a photo was published from the production of this specific mock-up, which closely replicates the real Iris-T SLM system.

Ukrainian engineers are skilled in creating various mock-ups of armored vehicles, multiple rocket launch systems, air defense systems, and other equipment to deceive the Russians. The Russian side has already released several videos depicting attacks on decoys on the battlefield, suggesting many such undisclosed incidents.

Therefore, we urge all colleagues to exercise caution before publishing another ‘exclusive’ from the Russian Ministry of Defense, known for its numerous fakes and manipulations.

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