Hamas launched 20 kamikaze drones from Gaza in Israel as IDF continues to bomb Gaza

Hostile aircraft that soared into Israel today did not come from Lebanon, as the IDF rules out fears of a second front opening in the war.

Israeli citizens had previously been urged to shelter amid fears of a “large-scale attack” but an IDF spokesperson has now said air raid alerts may have malfunctioned.

The Israeli military has now clarified a rocket fired into the country earlier came from Gaza, not Lebanon.

There were previous reports of up to 20 kamikaze drones and a number of paragliders crossing the border this evening.

It was not clear at the time who could’ve been responsible, but Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror group and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group had both previously fired on IDF forces.

Both groups are also known to have drones and gliders.

The IDF confirmed the attack earlier but did not announce any possible casualties.

An adviser to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said the country was planning and prepared for a two-front war after the attack.

Hezbollah had fired missiles at Israeli troops earlier on Wednesday, claiming to have killed and wounded soldiers.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group (PIJ) also pledged their support to Hamas following their attack on Israel and vowed to join in.

They also claimed responsibility for a raid at the Lebanon border on Monday.

Israeli forces said their soldiers killed at least two gunmen who crossed the border in the ambush.

A spokesperson for the militant group said: “We declare our responsibility for the operation that was carried out this afternoon in southern Lebanon on the border with occupied Palestine, which led to injuries among Israeli soldiers.”

It comes amid days of airstrikes and bloody assaults after Hamas terrorists stormed across the border and killed hundreds in a bloody massacre.

The Israeli army previously shelled the area in southern Lebanon from which the attack was launched.

Mark Regev, a senior adviser to Netanyahu, told Sky News Israel has been “concerned for some time” that Hezbollah could “escalate the situation”.

“We don’t want to see an escalation in the north, but if a two front war is forced upon us, we won’t be caught be surprise. We are prepared, we are ready and we will prevail,” he said.

“It is not easy, but no war is ever easy. We have been planning for the possibility… and we can fight, if need be, a two-front war.”

Residents in the Galilee and Golan Heights as well as the Haifa area were told to shelter “until further notice” fearing a “large-scale attack”.

More than 2,000 people have been killed since Hamas terrorists staged a surprise assault on Israel on Saturday, including at least 17 Brits killed or missing.

And Israel has promised an even more punishing escalation as dozens of fighter jets hammered neighbourhood after neighbourhood overnight.

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