Ukrainian troops blew up Russia’s newest armored vehicles in Donetsk region

Ukrainian soldiers have taken out several Russian BTR-D light-tracked armored vehicles.

In a Twitter thread posted Tuesday, Paul Jawin said two BTR-Ds were destroyed near Klishchiivka, Donetsk region.

The BTR-D is a Russian airborne multi-purpose tracked armored personnel carrier. Such vehicles use Russia’s elite airborne force, commonly referred to by the acronym VDV.

The BTR-D is a variant of the BMD-1, with a longer chassis and one additional road wheel, the turret removed, and a raised hatch area. This is a multipurpose armored carrier that can be airdropped.

Russia’s elite airborne troops are taking increasing responsibility for Moscow’s offensive operations in Ukraine. On last week, Russia’s defense ministry said VDV units were still “constraining” Ukrainian movement on the Wagner assault flanks in Bakhmut.

Meanwhile, western military analysts stated that ground down from heavy combat losses over more than a year of operations against Ukraine, the Russian VDV is far from its pre-war “elite” status.

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