The U.S. State Dept Approves 36 F-15EX To Indonesian Government

The Air Force’s newest fighter, the F-15EX Eagle II, was revealed and named during a ceremony, April 7, 2021, at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. The aircraft will be the first Air Force aircraft to be tested and fielded from beginning to end, through combined developmental and operational tests. (U.S. Air Force photo by Samuel King Jr.)

The US State Department has just approved the planned purchase of 36 F-15EX fighter jets from Indonesia on Thursday. This new fleet will polish the capabilities of Indonesia’s air military which previously relied on F-16s produced by the United States, reported CNN Indonesia.

Previously, the U.S. State Department approved the planned sale of F-15EX fighter jets and various military equipment to Indonesia worth $14 billion.

Citing the official DSCA website, this sale was made to support US foreign policy and national security goals by strengthening the security of regional partners in Asia-Pacific.

“It is in the US national interest to assist Indonesia in developing and maintaining a strong and effective defense capability,” the DSCA statement said.

The F-15EX is a jet made by the US aircraft manufacturer, Boeing. Previously this aircraft was made and developed by McDonell Douglas since the 1970s until the company was finally acquired by Boeing.

The F-15EX fighter jet is said to have air superiority achieved through a combination of maneuverability and acceleration, range, weapons, and avionics.

The F-15EX is equipped with electronic systems and weapons to detect, acquire, track and attack other aircraft while operating in enemy-controlled airspace.

Weapons and flight control systems are designed so that effective air-to-air combat can be carried out with even one crew member.

Reporting from the Air Force Military, the presence of a multi-mission avionics system is said to be one of the advantages of the F-15EX. The system includes a head-up display, advanced radar, inertial navigation system, flight instrument, ultra high frequency communication, tactical navigation system and instrument landing system.

In addition, the aircraft also has an internally installed tactical electronic warfare system, a ‘friend or foe identification’ system, electronic countermeasures devices and a central digital computer.

Then the F-15EX’s versatile AESA radar system can look up to monitor high-flying targets and down to monitor low-flying targets without being disturbed by ground conditions.

The F-15EX fighter jet can also detect and track small, high-speed aircraft and targets at distances beyond visual range. The radar enters target information into a central computer and projects it on a heads-up display, including enemy aircraft type information.

The F-15EX’s electronic system is said to be able to provide threat warnings and automatic countermeasures against certain threats.

Reported by Boeing, this US fighter jet has a length of 19.45 meters, a height of 5.65 meters and a wingspan of 13.05 meters. The aircraft weighs 20.41 tons with a maximum take-off load capacity of 36.70 tons.

The F-15EX is capable of flying at a maximum speed of 3,017 kilometers per hour with a maximum altitude of 19,812 thousand meters. In addition, this aircraft has a cruising range of up to 5,552 kilometers.

For weapons, the F-15EX has a different composition of weapons depending on the type. The F-15EX model for air-to-air combat missions is equipped with a 20-millimeter cannon, the AIM-120 AMRAAM missile. missile AIM-9 Sidewinder, missile AIM-7 Sparrow.

While the F-15EX for air-to-ground missions is equipped with guided munitions as well as various missiles and bombs. Meanwhile, the F-15EX for air-to-air missions is equipped with Cannons and 8 short and medium range missiles.

Finally, the Advanced F-15EX model is equipped with 12 air-to-air missiles and 24 air-to-ground munitions.

The U.S. approved the purchase of the F-15EX shortly after Indonesia officially purchased 42 Dassault Rafale 4.5 generation fighter jets from France. In addition to fighter jets, Indonesia also purchased two Scorpene submarines from France.

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