Poland Received New Armored Vehicles For Its Army

The Polish Armed Forces will receive four additional prototypes of the new Borsuk amphibious infantry fighting vehicle, according to a spokesperson for the Armament Agency of the Polish Ministry of National Defense.

“As part of the research and development work at the National Research and Development Center, 4 additional IFV prototypes Borsuk were contracted,” Krzysztof Płatek said.

In a tweet, Płatek added said that preliminary testing of the existing prototype is nearing completion.

“Qualification tests will begin soon, and then negotiations on the supply of serial vehicles will begin.,” he said on Twitter.

Borsuk (Badger) is a modern tracked infantry fighting vehicle intended to safely transport the crew and dismounted soldiers on the battlefield. It is manufactured by a consortium led by Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW), a subsidiary of Polish Armaments Group (Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, PGZ).

The Borsuk will be capable of navigating water obstacles by floating, it will be highly manoeuvrable, a7nd it will be capable of operating in various terrain and atmospheric conditions, with the guaranteed appropriate level of ballistic and mine protection. The construction of the new IFV will make it possible to transport infantry teams as well as installation of basic firing systems with cal. 30 to 40 mm cannon integrated with PPK.

The ZSSW-30 turret, produced by utilising the capabilities of the Polish industry, utilises solutions developed domestically, including but not limited to the aiming and optical systems produced by PCO and the integrated launcher of the “Spike” anti-tank guided missiles, also produced in Poland.

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