Israeli Navy Successfully Test Fires C-Dome Interceptor Missiles

The IDF Navy has successfully completed a series of multi-system and multi-tier interception tests using the naval version of the Iron Dome system from the Saar 6 “Magen” in another landmark moment for enhancing the capabilities of one of the navy’s prized ships.

The naval Iron Dome, known as “C-Dome,” is a joint project of the navy along with the Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO), under the Israeli Ministry of Defense’s DDR&D, along with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

The C-Dome successfully intercepted advanced targets which represent threats to the State of Israel’s infrastructure and strategic assets in its exclusive economic zone.   

C-Dome interception test

In November 2022, the navy had carried out a successful C-Dome interception test, but Monday’s test included a much wider array of existing and future threats that the “Magen” ships may face during conflict, such as rockets, cruise missiles, and UAVs. 

A Defense Ministry statement said, “The tests integrated shipboard systems with Israel’s multi-tier defense array and tested new technologies to enhance the air and missile defense multi tier array’s operational effectiveness at sea and on land. The success of the tests is another significant milestone in the array’s development to counter existing and future threats in various combat arenas.”

 IDF runs successful tests on new naval Iron Dome system on May 29, 2023. (credit: ISRAEL DEFENSE MINISTRY)IDF runs successful tests on new naval Iron Dome system on May 29, 2023. (credit: ISRAEL DEFENSE MINISTRY)

The Sa’ar 6 missile ships will guard strategic infrastructure such as the natural gas rigs, and protect the commercial shipping lanes which bring in 98% of Israel’s imports. The IDF has decided not to place Iron Dome batteries on oil rigs themselves for safety reasons – instead, the C-Dome has been placed on the Sa’ar 6

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