Mad Vlad planned ethnic cleansing in Ukraine, leaked FSB document

Bodies are removed from a mass grave in Bucha. Credit: EPA

Leaked spy documents show that mad Putin wanted a “total cleansing” of Ukraine with “house-to-house terror” to subdue its people.

Chilling emails from within Russia’s FSB intelligence service talk about orders “from the very top” for civilians to be taken to concentration camps in a bid to conquer Ukraine.

As the Russian tyrant is finally charged with war crimes, the premeditated nature of the horror and killing which unfolded is laid bare from sources within his own security services. Each time Putin’s forces are pushed back, more evidence emerges of the horror they inflicted on the Ukrainian population.

Mass graves of civilians butchered by Russian troops, others marched to their deaths at gunpoint, torture chambers and the ongoing anguish of Ukrainian parents whose children have been abducted all bear witness to Putin’s plans.

Russian soldiers marching Ukrainian civilians to their deathCredit: New York Times

When Putin ordered his invasion on February 24 last year he fully expected victory over Ukraine to be wrapped up in three days with the government in Kyiv ‘decapitated’.

Only heroic resistance prevented the Russians seizing Ukraine’s capital.

The extent to which Putin planned to bring Ukraine to heel with extreme violence had it not held out is revealed in emails sent by a source in the FSB to a Russian human rights activist.

Under the name Wind of Change, they were sent to Vladimir Osechkin, the founder of Gulagu, which highlights abuses in the country’s prisons.

The emails are believed to originally be the work of one FSB officer but it’s thought several now contribute to the emails.

They have been translated into English by Igor Sushko, a US citizen of Ukrainian origin, who has been working with Gulagu.

The source says that the FSB, with the help of some Russian Military Intelligence, would carry out a “total cleansing” of society and politics in Ukraine.

The graves of Ukrainian civilians murdered by the Russians Credit: Getty

“And after all this, we could install any government in Kiev,” says the source.

The FSB anticipated resistance among the Ukrainian population but was ordered to deal with it ruthlessly in instructions that came “from the very top”.

In the emails, Wind of Change goes into detail about how the measures would be meted out to ordinary Ukrainians who dared to resist the Russian occupiers.

This includes a “big terror” that “is being planned for Kherson, which will go through several stages”.

The first would be reducing “massive protests down to local skirmishes, and to cause severe injuries to individual protesters”.

“As soon as the mass of protests is reduced, the final stage of ‘door-to-door terror’ will begin.

“Here the FSB will play first fiddle and people will be detained in their homes at night during curfew and transferred to Russian territories – concentration camps and worse.

“It is assumed that protests will cease completely after such cleansing.”

Russia expert at the Chatham House foreign policy think-tank, Keir Giles, told The Sun Online the documents chime with what we know about Putin’s plans for Ukraine.

He explained it fits into a pattern of Russian action witnesses when it occupied the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland at the start of the Second World War.

“It’s well known that they planned to round up the Ukrainian leadership, which is what they’ve done when occupying countries such as Poland and the Baltic states,” said Giles.

“There was going to be a savage campaign or murder and oppression. “From what we’ve seen from the occupied territories, we know what would have been in store for the rest of Ukraine. It’s very straightforward.”

“If you saw that and they weren’t expecting to fight a war and were expecting to walk in and take over you would ask ‘who was that for?’

“So they were planning to execute, murder and dispose of very large numbers of Ukrainian civilians.

“That’s what the crematoria were for, that’s what the body bags were for.”

Putin now faces a Nuremberg-style day of reckoning like the Nazis after a warrant was issued for his arrest over alleged war crimes, legal experts have said. The tyrant has been indicted by the International Criminal Court and could be nabbed and hauled into the dock if he steps outside his homeland.

As well as his murderous intent, the Wind of Change documents reveal how deluded Putin was in his war aims.

He believed NATO would disintegrate and Western countries beg Russia not to harm them after he invaded Ukraine. Some Ukrainians would even rise up and welcome the Russians, he was told.

His own spies also believe him to be a bullying narcissistic liar who cannot be trusted. They claimed he surrounds himself with people like those who used to bully him as a child.

The warped tyrant gets off on being able to order these types of people around as he lusts for power. Putin also cannot be trusted as he often lies – and doesn’t take any responsibility or feel any guilt for his actions.

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