Humiliating Russian Army, Ukraine Sells Captured Russian T-72 Tanks and BTR-82 APC on Ebay

Ukraine, Vladimir Putin had the idea that this conflict would end in a matter of 2-3 days and he certainly never expected it to prolongue this much. All Russian troops have realized Ukraine is literally filled with bad ass people who aren’t afraid to defend their country with a knife between their teeth.

From the already legendary ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ to the equally frightening ‘Ukrainian Reaper’, there are many great stories to tell about the way in which Ukraine is making Russians look like fools. But we may have found the ultimate humilliation in this story coming from several towns in the country. Every time the Ukrainian people recover a tank, they are putting it for sale on Ebay and other online stores.

As far as we know, Ebay has a rule that makes it illegal to sell weapons but a Russian tanks is technically a vehicle. As long as they don’t sell it with any type of weaponery, it’s possible to sell one.

When the Ukrainian Government realized the citizens were taking control of these tanks from Russian soldiers who are refusing to get involved in the invasion, they also confirmed no taxes would be charged for acquiring these tanks. Posts of tanks selling on Ebay or Auto Trader began flooding social media. At first, it was believed this was just another fake news post but they are actually doing it.

In reality, Ukrainian citizens truly have no clue of how much a Russian tanks canbe sold online. Prices range between €40,000 and $400,000 depending on the tank’s model and the year it was manufactured.

But the actual story behind this is how impressive the Ukrainian people’s will has become when they are facing adversity. Also, their dark, twisted sense of humor is blossoming on social media with stories like this one of putting a Russian tank for sale on Ebay. The spoils of war are not always terrible as Ukrainians keep showing the world since this senseless invasion started.

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