Ukrainian soldiers captured Russia’s armored vehicles in the Donbas region

Ukrainian soldiers show off Russia’s rare armored vehicle seized from the Russians during a counteroffensive in the Donbas region.

The Vodnik GAZ-3937 is a high-mobility multipurpose vehicle developed by the Russian automaker GAZ.

The vehicle was reportedly captured by Ukrainian soldiers near Bakhmut and pictures taken of the Vodnik and shared on social media show that it has already been painted in Ukrainian army “digital” camouflage.

The Vodnik vehicle is the Russian answer to the iconic Humvee. It is designed around a modular configuration.

The Vodnik is an odd design, with a narrow cab and large storage capacity. The standard undercarriage with a cab can be optionally complemented by different modules with various number of passenger seats and cargo compartments. The seating capacity of GAZ-3937 is 10 people.

Vodnik is a family of multi-purpose automobiles of dual purpose. Designed for usage of rapid deployment troops. At the automobiles can be installed various modules: air landing, with machine guns, with 120 mm. mine throwers, utility modules, medical, etc.

Developed in 1998, the car was produced in a small series until 2013. Some sources report that a total of 54 vehicles were delivered. In 2006 Uruguay ordered 48 Vodniks.

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