Russia Finally Admits Pantsir ADS Useless Against Drones

MOSCOW (GDC) – Russian-made Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile systems [ZRPKs], which are used in Libya and Syria, are useless against Turkish operational-tactical unmanned aerial systems Bayraktar TB2, reported Russian Zvezda newspaper.

The Zvezda writes that the modification of ZRPK and further improvement of Russian technology necessary before Russian-made air defense systems can be effective against modern threats. In particular, the second is equipped only with an optical control system, while the first has a three-coordinate target detection station with a semi-active phased array antenna and a dual-band centimeter-millimeter radar tracking system for targets and missiles.

“Infrared channels in various ranges are used to track targets and missiles. Radar and optoelectronic devices make up a single system and can operate in different wavelengths,” the newspaper writes, recognizing that Russian-made air defense missile systems “are only poorly adapted to combat targets such as Turkish Bayraktar TV2”

The weekly notes that the Turkish drone strikes with precision weapons from eight kilometers distance and is able to loiter for a long time at high altitude, which “significantly complicates its detection by the optical-electronic station ZRPK.”

Pantsir-s1’s phased array radar cannot detect slow moving objects at a low altitude,– proved useless against Turkish and Israeli Kamikaze drones.

According to Russian Zvezda newspaper, the Pantsir-S1 operatored by Libyan National Army and Syrian Army do not have access to highly mobile air defense radars that could carry out external threats designation for air defense missile systems.

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