Ukraine Shot Down Russian Mi-35M Hind Attack Helicopter In Donetsk Region

The Ukrainian military released footage on Thursday showing the moment the Russian attack helicopter is hit by the Igla man-portable air-defense system in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine.

“The Russian helicopter hit the soldiers of the 231st Dnipropetrovsk Territorial Defense Battalion,” the message added.

According to the Militarnyi, the helicopter was a Mi-35M Hind E attack helicopter.

Based on the Soviet-era Mi-24 Hind, Mi-35M military helicopter incorporates several improvements, including shortened stub wings, a new rotor system, modern avionics, upgraded turboshaft engines and a hydraulic system. The cockpit and vital components of the helicopter are heavily armoured.

The helicopter has an overall length of 21.6m, a wingspan of 6.5m, and a height of 6.5m. Its take-off weight in ferry configuration is 12,000kg. It can carry eight troops or a payload of 2,400kg.

Mi-35M is one of the latest combat helicopters in the Russian Air Force inventory. It is also operated by the armed forces of Venezuela, Brazil, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Kazakhstan and Mali.

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