Damen Shipbuilding Group secured a US$6.7 billion deal to build MKS 180 Frigate for the German Navy

Dutch-based Damen Shipbuilding Group has launched a successful bid to supply the German Navy, or Deutsche Marine, with a US$6.7 billion contract to provide a fleet of MKS 180 frigates. 

The ships will be built at Blohm + Voss shipyard in Hamburg and at other shipyard locations of the North German Lürssen Group. Damen intends to build in this way in order to spend around 80% of the total net investment as added value in Germany. The same applies to the electronic application systems that are supplied by Thales Nederland to its own design. Around 70% of the services will be provided by the German subsidiary of Thales and by other German subcontractors.

The 155-metre MKS 180 frigates will displace up to 9,000 tonnes, with berth for 110 permanent crew and up to 70 additional passengers, which will make them the largest warships in the German Navy fleet. With an expected lifespan of 30 years, the vessels are designed to be capable of worldwide operations.

The Damen Shipbuilding Group partnered with Thales and Blohm + Voss to build the ships in Germany.

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